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 Below are the most frequently asked questions about the Everett Chamber’s Guide:

Q: Who will receive this Guide and when?
A: We will mail a copy of the full-color, glossy Guide to every home in Everett in May 2015.

Q: Is the Guide also online?
A: Yes, the Guide will be featured on the Chamber’s home page with a link to the flip book. In addition, every participating business will have a link to their website from their Profile or Display Ad.

Q: What is the least expensive way for my business to be included? 
A: The least expensive placement is a half-page Profile for $295. This includes a 200-word description of your business, two images, contact information, and an optional discount / promotion.

Q: What is the difference between a Profile and a Display Ad?
A: A Profile is a more personal opportunity for you to describe your business, community involvement, and unique facts about your business. The Display Ads are traditional magazine ads and are only featured in the front, centerfold, and back of the Guide. Display Ads are quarter, half, and full-pages. Both are full-color and link to your websites.
For more details see descriptions below.

Q: What if I would like to participate, but can not pay right now?
A: Our goal is to give as many Chamber Members the opportunity to participate which is why we price the half-pages at $295. If you are unable to pay the $295 at once, you are welcome to email us and we are happy to split your payments up for you.

 CALL 617.387.9100 or EMAIL: INFO [at] EVERETTMACHAMBER [dot] COM