Tidbits about Everett

Everett is the only city in the United States with a bicameral legislature, which is composed of a seven-member Board of Aldermen and an 18-member Common Council.

City Seal

Edward Everett Everett was originally part of Charlestown, and later Malden. It was named after Edward Everett, a politician and educator.

Billy Galvin Movie

Part of the 1986 movie "Billy Galvin" was filmed in Everett.


Everett is home to quite a number of notable sports figures. Check them out at Wikipedia!

City Hall and Post Office


Founded as a gateway to Boston in 1630, Everett remains an ideally located borough for big industry, small business and growing families today because of all it has to offer.  Bordering the state capital, Everett is just minutes from interstate highways, working ports and historic Boston Harbor.  Beaches, parks and public transportation are within close reach from your front door.  This community is accessible to all points of interest and necessity.

Everett Minuteman

Everett Minuteman

Everett is a community that has invested in itself, and done so with great success over the years.  We are recognized as a leader in commerce, energy, and infrastructure, while still maintaining the small town values that families seek to feel at home.

We are  one of the few cities in the area with suitable open space for parks, new construction and  mixed business use.  Some of the world’s largest corporate entities have chosen Everett as their business address.  We are the distribution hub for the produce industry in the Northeast and a prominent resource for the region’s energy providers.  Convenient water and airport access only enable more successful operations for such industry, and contribute significantly to the economic prosperity of this Commonwealth.  Solid roots and a drive to continue the progress make Everett a city of endless possibilities for the future… and this is only the beginning.


Archival Images courtesy Our Lady of Grace Parish