More pictures from the 2010 ECOC Annual Dinner

Annual Dinner 2010 - David and Wife

President David O’Neil and his lovely wife Susanne at the 2010 Annual Dinner.

Annual Dinner 2010 - Colin and David

Colin Kelly accepts an Award for Schnitzer Northeast from David O’Neil.

Annual Dinner 2010 - David and Frank Katulak

David O’Neil presenting an Award to Frank Katulak for Distrigas/GDF SUEZ.

Annual Dinner 2010 - David with Gianna and Pat

David O’Neil presenting an Award to Gianna and Pat D’Angelo of Dunkin’ Donuts.

Annual Dinner 2010 - Reverend Koots

The Reverend William T. Coots gives the invocation and tells some jokes.

Annual Dinner 2010 - Carlo DeMaria

The Honorable Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Jr. gives his welcoming remarks.

Annual Dinner 2010 - David and Mayor with Recipients

David O’Neil, Colin Kelly, Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Jr., Pat D’Angelo, Gianna D’Angelo and Frank Katulak.

Annual Dinner 2010 - David and Bobby

ECOC President David O’Neil and ECOC Executive Director Bobby Laquidara.

Annual Dinner 2010 - Board of Directors

Seated from left to right: Ray Lepore, Mary Simonelli, Rosemary Hughes, Janis Caines, Marge White, Dr. Tom Montenero, and Bobby Laquidara. Standing from left to right: Steve Sachetta, Arthur Berardino, Peter Cocciardi, President David O’Neil, Carol Churchill, Tom Henderson, Steve Rocco, Rob Giacchino, Colin Kelly and Fred Cafasso.  The Everett Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for 2010 – 2011.

Annual Dinner 2010 - Steve Smith and Sal DeDomenico

State Representative Steve Smith and State Senator Sal DiDomenico.

Annual Dinner 2010 - Steve and Joe Sachetta

‘Brothers in Arms’, Steve and Joe Sachetta of Sachetta Financial Network.

Annual Dinner 2010 - Janis Caines and ECU - CEO

Janis Caines and Barbara Frazier of Everett Credit Union.

Annual Dinner 2010 - Everett Cooperative Bank

Seated from left to right: “The Everett Cooperative Bank Table” + 1. Emily Cieri, Carmela Vitale, Marge White, Kathy Rush and, Community Family’s, Anne Marchetta.  Standing from left to right: Michael Miller, Bob Jackson and Joe Keohanne.

Annual Dinner 2010 - Lillian and Joanne

The lovely Lillian Berardino and the lovely Joanne Panzini (sans their husbands).

All pictures above courtesy of the the Everett Advocate Newspaper.